NBA10 major playoff seats key battle list 2 Rockets who is the 8th in the West

NBA10 major playoff seats key battle list 2 Rockets who is the eighth in the West
On March 9th, Beijing time, according to the “Open Stand” report, it is more than a month before the official start of the 2015 NBA playoffs, and the final seats in the playoffs will be decided within this time.The following double beds are the 10 games that will change seats in the playoffs for the remainder of the regular season.(Note: The following time is temporarily Beijing time) Each of the 10 games may affect the final playoff ranking 1) Rockets VS Trail Blazers (March 12) The first round of the playoffs last year, Lillard’s threeSplit lore helps the Blazers successfully eliminate the Rockets in 6 games.In order to strengthen the defense, the Rockets signed Ariza in the offseason last year, and have won Corey Brewer and Josh Smith successively this season.  In the end, the Rockets have risen from the 12th place last season to the 5th place on the defense efficiency list.But the Blazers’ progress at this end is more obvious, they jumped from 16th to 3rd last season.  In this game, both sides are expected to be tested.The Blazers will try to limit James Harden, and the Rockets must deal with the double German combination (Lillard + Adelaide).In fact, both teams will be at the core level of players, the Trail Blazers starting gathering guard Matthews unfortunately reimbursed for Achilles tendon injury, Rockets center Dwight Howard is still recovering.2) Rockets Vs Clippers (March 16) The two previous games between the two sides this season, the Clippers both won by two margins, but in the third match, the Clippers crashed at the last moment of the game.Relying on Corey Brewer’s 20 points (13 points from the fourth quarter) and the team’s 17 three-pointers, the Rockets won 110-105.  This is what they (the Rockets) need me to do after they bring me in: to come off the bench and show their energy.In Brewer’s post-game space, I can escape, I can participate in fast breaks, I can also defend, as long as it can help the team win, I am willing to do it.  In the fourth match of the season between the two teams, the Clippers core power forward Griffin should be able to return from injury.If the Rockets Howard is not available, then they need other defenders inside to try to limit Griffin.3) Hawks Vs Warriors (March 19) If the data does not lie, this game will be a preview of the NBA Finals this year.As of now, the Warriors and Eagles are ranked first in the West and East, and their goal points per 100 rounds are also ranked first and second in the league.  In the first match of the season, the two teams experienced a balanced offense, and the Eagles defeated the Warriors 124-116.In this game, the Eagles have 7 players in a double-double.  It is a pity that there was no national live broadcast of this game at that time, but fortunately, ESPN has made corrections in time and will conduct a national live broadcast of the two teams in the second round of the season.4) Raptors Vs Bulls (March 21) Currently, the Bulls and Raptors are second and fourth in the East, respectively, and both teams are facing different problems.  The Bulls are still trapped by injuries, and their two backcourt veterans Derek Rose and Jimmy Butler are in a state of injury, but both are expected to return before the end of the regular season.  The Raptors’ problems are not easy to diagnose. After winning 37 of the first 54 games of the season, they lost 7 of the last 8 games, including 98-103 losses to the Eastern Conference Knicks.Although this is not the end of the world for the Raptors, their performance has not met external expectations.  If the powerful knight finally locks the second place in the east, then the Bulls and Raptors will compete for the third place.5) Mavericks Vs Spurs (March 28) The Mavericks’ recent performance is running. They have lost 4 of the last 5 games. They are currently ranked sixth in the West with 40 wins and 24 losses, leading only the seventh Spurs 0.5 wins.  You know, the difference between ranking sixth and seventh in the West can be very important.Ranked sixth means that you may avoid the Warriors or Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs, or face the Blazers facing Wesley Matthews or the Rockets that Howard cannot reach 100%.6) Thunder vs Sun (March 30) Perhaps some people are more optimistic about the Thunder’s ability to lock the eighth position in the West, but the Suns are not yet ready to surrender, but their performance has not been satisfactory in recent times.Since February 1, the Suns have only won 5-10.  On the final day of this year’s NBA trade, the Suns sent consecutive replacements for the main control guard Dragy season and Thomas Jr. and got Brandon Knight.  Although this is not a contradiction that poses a threat to the Thunder in the Western Conference rankings, if they can win the game on March 30, it may leave the Suns suspense in the eighth Western Conference.7) Bull Vs Cavaliers (April 6) About the game, the Bulls and the Cavaliers will compete for the top spot in the Central Division; better said, this may be a preview of the Eastern Conference finals.  The Cavaliers have won in the first two matches of the season, but Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah have missed those two games respectively.Before the All-Star break, the Bulls pulled back to a city and defeated the Cavaliers 113-98.However, Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love missed the game.  Although the Bulls have outside defenders and certain hands that can challenge the Cavaliers, the only question is whether they can have a full step against the Cavaliers.Judging from the current injury reports on Ross and Butler, they may be ushering in the return of one of them in the game on April 6, and it would be better if both of them could return.8) Hornets Vs Heat (April 8)    Although judging from the current ranking of the Eastern Conference, the seventh and eighth still have suspense.But don’t forget that the Pacers have been one of the hottest teams in the league since February 1, and they may be welcoming two-time All-Star Paul George in the middle of this month.  If there is only one seat left in the Eastern Conference playoffs, there will be a fierce battle between the Heat and the Hornets.The Hornets have won five of the last six games, and their starting point guard Kemba Walker is close to returning; although the Heat’s core power forward Chris Bosh is reimbursed for the season of illness, they formed the most in the league.One of the talented backcourts-Wade + Dragic.  The Hornets scored 2 wins and 1 loss in the first three matches of the season, but in the last two matches, the match was decided within the last minute.I believe the fourth match between the two sides will be very intense.9) Spurs Vs Thunder (April 8)    Although both teams have suffered injuries and instability this season, no one will exclude them from this fight.  The Thunder have Kevin Durant, the MVP of the regular season last season, and Westbrook, who has recently become a hot MVP this season.Since February 1, Wei Shao has averaged 33.3 points, 10 assists and 9.With five rebounds, the Thunder defeated the Spurs 114-106 with his 34 points in the Christmas War last year.  The Thunder’s athletic ability can pose a threat to the other 29 teams, and in the past six regular season games against the Spurs, the Thunder have won.  But as the saying goes: Ginger is still old and spicy!When the challenge escalates, the Spurs always play the best basketball.So far this season, they have won the Eagles, Cavaliers, Warriors and Grizzlies.  Putting aside the playoff ranking factors, the collision of two very different styles is itself a highlight of this game.10) Warriors Vs Grizzlies (April 14)    This will be the last match between the two teams in the regular season of this season, and it may even decide who will have home advantage in the playoffs.  The Grizzlies won 105-98 in their first match of the season.In the second quarter of that game, the Grizzlies played a wave of 20-0.  According to ESPN statistics, when Stephen Curry was in the game, the Warriors netted the Grizzlies by 16 points and shot 47.4%; but when Curry was not on the court, the Warriors shot only 15.8%.  Regarding the game on April 14, if this will affect the number one position in the West, then the Warriors must find a way to win outside Curry.(Rosen)